Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Man jailed for fracturing ‘cheating’ wife’s skull after taunting him with Rihanna’s song

A teacher was today jailed for more than eight years for attacking his wife with a machete - after she taunted him over her affair with another man.

David Wing, 56, had only been married for a year when wife Yvonne, 45, began having sex with the son of their landlady.

The court heard the relationship with lover Don Watkins, 37, was at first permitted by her new husband.

But Wing later logged in to his wife’s Facebook account and read messages between the married lovers discussing plans to run away together.

Wing was cleared of attempted murder for the machete attack, but is facing jail after he admitted grievous bodily harm.

The court heard he was 'provoked' to attack his wife - who taunted him by repeatedly playing Rihanna song Love on the Brain.

Prosecutor James Wilson said Mrs Wing was attacked by the machete with a 26inch blade - and suffered a gashed forehead and fractured skull.

Mr Wilson said: 'There was a slightly unusual aspect to their relationship, in that three to four weeks after moving to Porth she had sex with a local man called Don.

'Her husband had no problem with her having sex with this man, but after time she became emotionally involved with Don.

'He had a problem with this and began checking her Facebook and realised a relationship was beginning between them.

'He couldn’t accept this and the matter came to a head with him attacking her with a machete.

'She was in and out of consciousness until she was brought to hospital having suffered serious head injuries.'

Cardiff Crown Court heard Wing carried out the attack after his wife taunted him over her affair with Don by playing raunchy Rihanna song ‘Love on the Brain.

Stephen Thomas, defending, said before Mrs Wing was attacked she repeatedly played the song on a stereo at their home, and repeatedly rewinded an explicit verse to 'taunt' him.

Mr Thomas said: 'You put some music on didn’t you? Music called "Love on the Brain" by Rihanna.

'You kept on replaying the part of the song "but it f**** me so good. And I can’t get enough" and you started to laugh.

'You specifically chose that song.'

Mrs Wing admitted playing the song on repeat, but denied she rewound it to repeat the particular verse.

Mr Thomas said Wing told his wife to leave him alone, saying he just wanted to pack his things and leave - but Mrs Wing was determined to mock him about their sex life.

Mr Thomas said: 'He wasn’t responding to any of your taunts was he, so you became more aggressive to him.

'You told him the reason why Don was going to leave his wife was because she was frigid, and the reason you were leaving him was because he was impotent.

'You saw he had a machete in his hands before he hit you. You said to him "you’re too much of a p**** to use that" and continued to charge at him.'

Cardiff Crown Court heard Wing bludgeoned his wife around the head with the blade after covering her in paint - leaving her with a gashed forehead and fractured skull.

Wing, from High Street in Cymmer, Porth, admitted grievous bodily harm but was cleared of attempted murder after a three day trial.

He was jailed for eight years and eight months by Judge Neil Bidder QC.

Judge Bidder said: 'After discovering your wife was to leave you for another man and after some provocation from her which did not justify any violence, let alone the violence you inflicted, you lost your temper on her.

'You took a long and heavy machete from its sheath and struck her three times with heavy blows.

'You used a vicious weapon to assault your wife.

'This was a case of repeated assault.

'There was a degree of provocation but none of which justified this type of violence.'

The judge said Wing’s actions to staunch the bleeding coming from his wife’s head, performing CPR and immediately calling emergency services showed he had 'genuine remorse' for the attack.

DailyMail/Photo credit: Wales News Service


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