Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Jesus! Don't Forsake Ndi-Imo, Okorocha and Family have Raped Eastern Heartland

If you go through Imo State of today, from Orji to Aba road down to Irete, Old Nekede road , Uratta, Egbu, New Owerri, Mechanic Villages, etc, Okorocha and family have cornered to themselves all landed properties and erected one form of structure to another their. 

The have acquired all Imo State owned properties, revoked C of O of individual properties and converted them to themselves.
His wife Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha after building one of the biggest Mall and an Estate off Wetheral by Aba Road, she has taken over Orlu Road Secretariat which she converted to WODDI Centre, after the one she built at New Owerri failed to attract patronage . He also has an upholstery complex along MCC road manned by white expatriates as fronts. 

Okorocha’s Sons, Amen and Aham has taken over estate business in Owerri, owning more than four estate. Their sister, Uloma and Uju are not left out in sharing of Imo assets and common wealth.
Dr Uzo Anwuka and Chief Uche Nwosu properties in Owerri alone are alarming. Not to talk of those acquired abroad through fronts. 

Okey Okorocha, Iyke Okorocha, Kelechi Okorocha, Jude Okorocha have taken over all Petro Oil businesses, Farm businesses, Contracts and Government supply including sand dredging, Installation of street lights, building of government approved structures. 

The site for the proposed Eke Ukwu market at Mbaitoli and all ongoing structures their belongings to Okorocha's sisters and Family. 

IMO BLACK CAB belongs to Okorocha’s Son-in-law, Dr Uzo Anwuka. 
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So many shopping mall scattered around Owerri belongs to Okorocha’s siblings, many are done under fronts. Like Adapalm, Nsu Titles, IBC Radio/TV, ITC company, Imo shoe Industry, Imo broadcasting corporation Orji, Orji and Nekede mechanic villages, Eastern Palm University, Avu Poultry, etc. 

Hotels, Filing Stations, Printing Press, Agro-fam, Eateries, Malls, Gas Stations, Event Centers scattered in most locations belong to Okorocha and family including house of Freeda, Twitter bite, West broke Hotel, willwood Hotels, etc.  

Since I was born, I have never read or seen a family as greedy as the Okorocha’s, may God help their souls. 
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West Broke Hotel Owerri, owned by Uche Nwosu


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