Sunday, 8 July 2018


1. That the FG ceded oil wells belonging to Rivers State to Bayelsa State.
2. That the International Airport in Ph was abandoned by the FG.
3. That the East-West road under construction is at a slow pace..
4. Lastly,that the FG used it's might to plant Obuah as the authentic PDP chairman in the state.
All these happened between 2010 and 2014...

Now fast forward to 2015; Amaechi's APC sacks Jonathan and PDP as the party at the center and President respectively........

And Amaechi is made Minister for transportation.......
Rivers people rejoiced,in the hope that our brother the Minister will show Jonathan just how patriotic he ought to have been.

We waited for the East -West road to be completed at least in 3yrs,having gone 70%;
We heaved a sigh of relief, at last the PH international airport will wear the looks it properly deserves;

We sang in anticipation that Onne seaport will bubble back to life and become a beehive of activities again........

At least, one notable Federal project.
Brethren, it is 3years and rapidly counting,the same airport Amaechi fought Jonathan for is still abandoned; Soku oil wells are still with Bayelsa; East-west road is the same way Jonathan left it; Onne seaport is under-used;
No Federal project in Rivers state!
And the same man who abhors injustice is using his Federal might to plant whoever he desires at the helm of his party in the state........

And denying some party members their constitutional rights to contest an election.
You know the story.

Now tell me, coming back to Rivers state to cast aspersions on the Governor is not a project........
It is also not a sign that you are doing well, don't tell us what u did as governor, because even Pa Diette-Spiff has a lot he can point to as his achievements as MILAD of Rivers State.

Oga, tell us what u have been able to do to affect Rivers people positively in these 3 years you have served in Buhari's cabinet as Transport Minister.

And to my gullible brothers and sisters, it is immaterial who attracted what project to Rivers state, we are not tired of meaningful projects, they should come from wherever and whoever, we don't care!!!
It is only a present failure that consoles himself with past achievements.........


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