Thursday, 20 September 2018

The Reason Buhari Is the President of Nigeria in a Country of More Competent hands?

 This reason is because, the President of a country is a reflection of the kind of majory of people of a country.

In a true democracy, the more stupid the people are, the more they are likely to elect “incompetent” people as their leaders.

They are basically giving what they have. Mediocre begets mediocrity.
If you contest against Buhari, the same people who suffer economic-hardship and are denied basic amenities of life by the buhari government would choose Buhari over you. Why because they suffer and “smile”.

They do not know what is their right and what is the true responsibility of a government. For them, the man who tells them what they want to hear about religion is the god they know.
“Qualifications” means nothing to them.

“Garbage in garbage out”. Buhari is Nigeria.


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